The Infinite ROI Marketing Letter™
(Insider Secrets to Building the Ultimate Lifestyle Business)

If you're marketing a business in 2020 then this letter is for you. As you likely already know, advertising dollars aren't converting like they once were and the little campaign that once brought in a steady stream of clients is starting to dry up...

As a matter of fact, it seems like the "half-life" of a new tactic is getting shorter every year.

Well... I hate to be the messenger (as he often gets shot) but it's not going to be getting easier any time soon. The powers that be are conspiring against the little guy. The small entrepreneur. The committed few that are trying to make a dent and live an above average life despite all the pissing, moaning and bitching about the infamous "One Percent" going on in the world today.

If you're reading this and don't know who I am already... then allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Kevin Hutto. I'm the sole author of this letter and thus take all the blame... and I guess the credit (if there's ever any credit due).

Why should I give two shits about what Kevin Hutto has to say? Likely, you shouldn't. This letter is intended for a very narrow few. Not for the masses. As a matter of fact, it is my hope that most of you are repelled by this message as it really only pertains to a small select group out there today.

This letter is for the entrepreneur who is NOT interested in participating in self loathing and guilt over all the bullshit that is being hoisted upon us by the media and "never haves" of today. The rare person who has decided that it is up to ME to feed my family. I am the thin line between prosperity and hunger. The buck stops here - with me.

Just so that I am clear. This is not a political newsletter.

As a matter of fact, I am politically agnostic. I believe they're all crooks.

However, the prevailing sentiment on tv and social media today... that it must somehow be MY fault that "they" can't take care of themselves... is offensive and I'm tired of hearing the whining and complaining in a world with MORE OPPORTUNITY than ever before in history.

Now that all that is said...

This letter is about building a business that will provide nearly Infinite ROI for you and your family. I have done it multiple times in different businesses and industries. And you can too.

This newsletter will be an insider's look at my current and past successes and failures at building these type businesses and marketing systems. With my inner dialog and commentary of course guiding you and probably scaring you as well, lol.

Oh... and you get a behind the scenes look at the show. The Insider's Access. The real scoop. What is working. What failed miserably. What I wish I had done. And anything or anyone exceptional that I see out in the marketplace right now.
What is Infinite ROI and Why Should I Care?
Aside from being the name of this newsletter and my company name... the point of Infinite ROI is to build things that have long lasting effect and return. When you create something that you get paid for years and years after the work is done, the ROI on the work trends towards infinity.

A lot of people have the dream of passive income. There's even a very popular blog about passive income - which even has it in the name... However the guy who runs that blog is anything BUT passive. He's a hard working dude who is hustling like crazy to grow and keep his business alive. When he started the blog, the things he was attempting were more aligned with passive income... but over time it morphed into the normal make money online stuff that everyone else is doing.

I don't really believe that passive income is a proper goal. Most people chase it like it's the holy grail. And many naive suckers are taken advantage of by snake oil salesmen who promise life on the beach with no worries in the world because your passive income businesses are taking care of you... passively.

The truth is that most of these businesses - like rental real estate for example - take LOTS of work to keep going and ultimately don't provide that much income (passive or otherwise) when all is said and done. I should know... I owned 27 houses at one time years ago. It wasn't like the infomercial at all :)

That Carleton Sheets is full of shit, man.


Infinite ROI can be financial of course but it can also be realized in work... time... knowledge... in many ways. For instance, the time that I spent learning how to write a decent salesletter back in the day has nearly infinite ROI for me at this point.

Are my salesletters perfect? Nope.

Are they good enough that I can sell millions of dollars with them? Yep. So the skill that I developed is now trending towards an infinite return on the invested time.

The same could be said of my golf game. I worked really hard on golf when I was young. I hit 1000 balls a day for over 4 years through high school. When my buddies were going to parties... I was still out there practicing. When everybody else went to prom... I was out of town at a golf tournament.

I sacrificed a lot of the "normal life" that a kid has because I wanted to play golf on the PGA Tour one day.

I didn't make it.

What a waste, right?

Well... I can trace a lot of the "success trajectory" of my life back to being a really good golfer.
The "Lucky Break" that Changed My Life...
I am from a small town in SC. The richest people there were the local service business guys (Doctor, Lawyer, etc)... I grew up at the bottom end of middle class. My dad owned a machine shop and worked hard to keep me in husky dungarees. There is no logical reason that I should have ever played golf. None of the kids in my neighborhood did.

But my dad's best friend, Trent, bought a little 9 hole golf course with his dad and brother. I spent the better part of my youth at that little golf course and the other public golf course in town... White Pines.

Because I wanted to be with my dad... who was helping his buddy out at the golf course... I ended up out there a lot. You know... pretty much 7 days a week. It was a great life experience in so many ways.

But the net effect was that I became a good little golfer.

In reality, the chances of a kid like me getting into golf are so small it was comical. All the other kids on the high school team were members of the local fancy "Country Club". Which we couldn't afford to join. Not even close. My dad worked hard just to keep us above the Mendoza line... And I appreciate how much he sacrificed for us.

The interesting thing is that I ended up in two very different worlds. The crew at the public course was pretty raucous and definitely there to have a good time... loved betting like crazy... and smoking stogies, playing cards, shooting pool and drinking...

And I was right there in the mix. Not drinking or smoking yet but I loved gambling with them. As a matter of fact, I was pretty good at it. For some reason, I always got better the more money was on the line. And I won a lot. I had over ten thousand dollars saved up from my winnings when I graduated high school.

Then there was the other world. The country club. And all the high school tournaments.

It was weird... They weren't bad to me in any way but I never felt at home up there. They were wearing clothes from Belk's department store and I was wearing clothes from JC Penny - which wasn't nearly as cool back then.

Anyways, because I was used to gambling for real money... playing these kids wasn't that hard. And I did well. You can read a little bit about it in this month's newsletter - in the article:

"How I Made Millions Selling Vaseline for $50 a Can"

So... fast forward several years later and I'm in Atlanta. Going to college at Georgia Tech and working part-time at a local private club in the cart barn to make beer money... And for the side benefits - I get to play golf there after hours. So as you can imagine, I made a nice little side income hustling the members out of their dough in the late afternoons.

Anyways... one evening I was out there playing a quick 9 holes by myself and a couple guys came up behind me and asked if they could join me... I said sure. And we played the rest of the 9 holes together.

Well... they were both complete beaters. But nice enough guys and were quickly impressed by the way I hit the ball. After the round, one of them asked me to give him lessons. I wasn't really into it for a variety of reasons... not the least of which is that the assistant Pro's at the club would get real pissy about stuff like that because they wanted to make that lesson money.

But this guy was a salesman. He said... if you WERE to give lessons hypothetically what would you charge? I said $50 a lesson. He handed me $500 and said here's for the first 10. Can we start now?

I was like "what the heck just happened here?"

So I started giving him lessons. Found out he was a Stockbroker.

He was young... like 28.

And rich.

He had several cars. Porsche 911 convertible. Acura NSX. Ferrari 355. And some more...

And cash like I had never seen before. He joined a country club for BOTH of us nearby where he lived in Buckhead so it would be more convenient for us to practice. I had never seen anything like it.

Shortly thereafter... he started trying to convince me to come to work for him. He was like...

"you're too sharp to grind away your days in some company basement as an engineer or working at some golf course... if you come work for me I will show you how to do what I do and get rich."

As crazy as it sounds... I wasn't interested.

I really didn't want to work indoors in a big office downtown with florescent lighting and parking decks and all that junk. By now I figured I would end up working in the golf industry in some capacity.

It was always more about lifestyle than money with me.

There was one growing problem, however. I was getting increasingly hostile attention from one of the assistant pro's at the club... a guy named Keith. He was pissed that I "stole" his client who he had marked as an easy target for giving lessons to. Nevermind the fact that Keith was a hacker himself who only broke 90 about half the time.

One day around this time, the stockbroker and I were driving to the golf course together in his porsche and he looked over at me and said...

"Hey, you wanna see something cool?"

I said... "Of course!"

He handed me an envelope. I opened it. Inside was a check for $169,000.

I was like... "What the heck is this?"

He said... "It's my paycheck. I had a good YEAR this month... but I have a good year EVERY month... Hahahahaha!"

So I said...
"Ok... Mr Gekko. You've Got Me."
After a few months of giving him golf lessons... I had started digging into this "stockbrokering" world a little bit and had recently watched the movie Wall Street with Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas.

Michael Douglas plays the part of Gordon Gekko. The big whale who was doing big deals and making millions. Charlie Sheen played Bud Fox - a young hungry kid who had gotten into Gordon's office only to find out that Gordon wanted more than just regular stock picks from him.

There is a pivotal point in the movie where Bud decides to work with Gekko... in the insider trading part of the business... and he says to him... "Ok... Mr Gekko. You've Got Me."

That was a turning point in Bud's life.

I said the same thing to the stockbroker in the car that day... half joking but also half wondering if all this could be real - and legal.

Suffice it to say... it changed my life too.

Going to work with this guy started me on the path that I am on this very day.

*** I started working with guys who made more money in a single MONTH than anybody I had ever known back in SC ever made in a year. It opened my eyes that there was a big wide open world of opportunity out there.

*** During that very same time (1992-1997) the internet happened. I was at the epicenter of the financial side of things. We were taking these companies public and minting new millionaires every week. While at night I was going home and spending hours and hours devouring this new thing called the World Wide Web.

*** Meanwhile, I was talking to business owners all day on the phone. Self made men who had built something from nothing in most cases. They made fast decisions. They were the boss. The owner. The guy in charge. They told me that if I wanted to really do something worthwhile that I needed to start my own company. That I might make money at Bear Stearns but the only way I would build wealth was to have my own thing.

*** I quit Bear Stearns in early 1997 to start my first internet company. Through the years I have done everything from creating intranets for small businesses, sold leads to lawyers-movers-mortgage brokers and a bunch of other niches, ecommerce - selling airsoft guns to auto parts, SEO agency with big clients like Swiss Army and Patagonia, sold tons of other stuff online - many of those things still selling today, more recently helping a buddy grow his drug rehab from 8 to 9 figures in a couple years while spending tens of millions on adwords... It has been a crazy, crazy ride.

*** Over this time... I have sold over 600,000+ units of my own information products. Over 10,000 units of other products that I created (including my vaseline product). I have collected over 3 million leads. Spent over $50M on adwords for myself and clients. Spent over $10M on FB ads for myself and clients.

*** I bought clicks on Goto. Overture. And eventually Adwords - the first day that the public was allowed to open accounts there. Back then it was CPM bidding. So it was different. I have lost more accounts on all these platforms than most people have ever had. I've watched a lot of guru's pop up and then pop back down and disappear in this world.

*** Here we are 22 years later... still going strong. As a matter of fact stronger than ever. And I am still not tired of it. I feel like a kid in a virtual candy store every day. So many things I still want to try and test and see if I can sell it and make it work. I have the best business in the world.

*** Oh, and now I own White Pines. The golf course I grew up playing as a kid.

Funny story... Years later after the stockbroker beginnings... back around 2006... I moved to a high end golf neighborhood in North Atlanta. Bought a house on the fourth hole. And I of course joined the club. Shortly after joining, one morning I went into the clubhouse because I was playing that day with some buddies that lived in the neighborhood with me... and who did I see behind the counter... Keith.

The assistant pro from all those years earlier... He was such a dick to me for a couple hard months back in the day... Immediately I recognized him.

He gave me a funny look. And commenced to kissing my ass.
Golf Has Been Very Good To Me
So... the ROI of all that time I put into becoming a good golfer has paid off. It was a lot of hours so I am not sure that the payoff is trending to infinity yet... but I think that the payoff is at least as high as it would have been had I made it on the PGA Tour.

But the real key to the whole thing is that it was the first Domino to fall. If I hadn't been a good golfer, no way I would have ever ended up at Bear Stearns...

Throughout this journey there have been skills that I have acquired that have had this kind of ROI for me... I was naturally an analytical type as I was an engineer. But bolting on the sales ability I learned while at Bear Stearns was a powerful combo.

Then combine that with the diligent study of Direct Response that I undertook once I started my own business and it is beyond powerful. It becomes lethal.

After saying all that... I still view myself as a student to this very day. For me, I have determined that the point of the game is to keep playing the game. There's a great book about this called Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse.

If I won a 100 Million dollar lottery tomorrow, I would likely take off a couple months to go full debauch... but after that I'm sure I would get bored and be right back here. Trying to sell something to somebody whether online or offline.

I have had many mentors through the years. Some paid. Some free. But learning from them has given me insight that would have cost way more without their help. The ROI on the money I have paid to learn how to do what I do is practically infinite at this point. From the tinyest newsletter for $50 per month all the way up to masterminds that I have paid $80k per year to be in... I have gotten a huge ROI from all of them.

One of my mentors through the years has been Dan Kennedy. While I never knew Dan in the way that a lot of others did, I never joined his Titanium Mastermind or coaching, I did buy most of his courses and have subscribed to his newsletter for quite a while. Even during the dark days when it wasn't great because of the ownership of GKIC. I would get a morsel here and there from the man himself. And of course I went to some of his events. He was the master. The paterfamilias.

One of the things that I always admired about Dan was his ability to articulate his ideas. He is very well read and eloquent in both the written word and speech. No doubt his speaking ability honed over a dozen years on Peter Lowe's stages for the Success Seminars back in the 90's.

But his writing ability... that came from doing the thing. Writing copy. Writing newsletters. Writing ads. That is the stuff I get jazzed about. The thing that moves the business the most. When I am writing.

I have been kicking around the idea of doing a newsletter for a few years now. It is a big commitment. There is a real amount of work that goes into every single issue. And if I did it... there's no way I could half-ass it and have most of it written by somebody else. That's just not my style.

So... because of all that. I have held off. Until now.
"Have You Made Your Decision For Christ"
One of my favorite scenes in any movie... ever... is the scene in Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwin comes from downtown... on a mission of mercy from Mitch and Murray. To let the guys know about the new sales contest.

"First place is a Cadillac El Dorado. You wanna see second place? It's a set of Steak Knives. Third place is you're fired... Oh have I got your attention now?"

The scene is mesmerizing in so many ways.

One of the best parts is when Baldwin flips the chalk board over and goes over A-I-D-A with them.

Attention... "Do I have your attention?"
Interest... "Are you interested? I know you are because it's f@ck or walk. You close or you hit the bricks..."
Decision... "Have you made your decision for Christ?"
Action... "They're sitting out there waiting to give you their money... Are you going to take it?"

There's a lot happening in the scene. And it's worthy of study if you're in the world of sales and persuasion... but ultimately... what he was trying to do. Was get them to commit. To sell hard. To do the work. To understand that the difference between succeeding and failing was what's in their heads - not what's on the lead cards.

Along those lines. I have decided to commit to doing this newsletter. To making it the best business building information you buy each month at any price.

Information that I have never shared. Stories that I have never told. Secrets that I have never revealed. All will be included in the Infinite ROI Marketing Letter.

Each month I plan to break down what I see happening in the marketing world... from the perspective of someone with 22 years of experience doing this full time. Experience like the first google slap back in 2006... the second thin affiliate page google slap back in 2010. The SEO updates with panda, penguin et al in the mid 2010's... And what's likely to be coming in the platforms everybody's now on... Cambridge Analytica anyone?

But even more important than the overall climate... I plan to give you principles, strategies and tactics that have served me for over 2 decades in online direct response marketing. The principles never change. Strategies change occasionally... but not a lot really. Tactics change all the time.

Having access to this newsletter is going to be like having an insider's view of what it takes to build and maintain multiple million dollar companies in our direct response world. Right now I am working on a simple little business that conservatively will bring in $30k per day in sales... We already have the eager customers for that business and are building the sales and delivery machines RIGHT NOW as I am writing this letter. And this is NOT a high ticket coaching offer in the internet marketing space.

As a matter of fact, I have built 90% of my businesses OUTSIDE the internet marketer selling marketing coaching to other internet marketers space. I have never really sold much in this space except for a few courses over the last 3 years. I have been happy to play in much BIGGER and EASIER markets... Where the customers are grateful and the value you give them is tremendous.

And now... with this newsletter you get to peel back the curtain... and see what that looks like. If you have ever wondered about getting out of the IM Circle Jerk... then this will be must have information for you.

All delivered with a little bit of humor, real in the trenches war stories... Not just the stuff that worked either... all the ugly warts... mistakes... dumb f@ck ups and lessons I've learned from making it, losing it and making it again multiple times over...
OK... So What's It Gonna Cost Me?

The answer to that question is simple. This newsletter shouldn't COST you anything. You should be MAKING money from the insider's information that you are getting... Starting with month number one.

The PRICE of the subscription is a measly $99 per year.

I want to take a second and tell you why I do yearly billing for the newsletter. I sold it to a lot of people for $29.95 per month... It sold at this price easily and in decent volume. But there was a problem with this model. I only want to write great shit for you. When I have something REAL to say.

I personally write every article in the newsletter. I don't pay ghostwriters. I don't create BS categories in the newsletter that my staff writes... I don't have contributing authors or fluff pieces meant to fill the pages. I write about things that I see as important for the small business owner out there trying to make it in today's crazy digital marketing world.

...and if I've got nothing to say one month, I would rather NOT put out a letter than do something that isn't what I would consider my best work. I don't want to write these just to fill a page... or just to fulfill that monthly subscription notice. Which is why I changed the billing from monthly to yearly.

I would rather put out 6-8 great newsletters per year than 12 mediocre ones. Everybody complains about how the quality of certain people's newsletters has gone down... but don't realize that it takes a lot of work to come up with something really worth writing about each month. Or rather in my case, to come up with 8 things worth writing about each month since I have been writing all 8 columns in this newsletter instead of only writing 2 and letting the rest of the columns be written by people that nobody is interested in.

But... when your credit card gets dinged every month for that $29.95 you expect to see that package in the mail. I get it. I do too. So I want to make it clear. My commitment is to put out worthwhile content. Sent directly to you. On an asymmetric basis. So that is why I charge you 1/3 of what I was charging before... but on a yearly basis.

...and honestly if you're smart you know what I am doing anyways. I don't plan to make any money on this subscription. I am just building a list of truly engaged subscribers who will buy my shit if I ever have anything else to sell. Right now I don't. But who knows in the future right?

But you will reap MULTIPLES of your investment in every letter... and crazy as it sounds some people just like reading my stories... Seriously, though, if you're getting the letter and your business isn't seeing significant growth from the stuff in it... then there's something wrong. On your end.

Because this is the real sh*t that works.

Not some made up idea from a 23 year old wanna be guru on the FB. I don't NEED your money. I have lived a long time without selling anything in this niche and can go pretty much on out the door I think without doing it moving forward. But there is something in me that is pulling me to do this. I know that it can help a LOT of people. And I look forward to that.

That is part of the reason that I am pricing the newsletter so cheap. To help as many business owners as possible with real world, battle tested info from the front lines of direct response marketing.

I know that some cynic out there is saying to himself right now... then why don't you just GIVE it away?

Let me address that for a second.

First off... I don't do anything for free. And you shouldn't either. My time is valuable. My expertise is valuable. My experience is valuable. And my insight and intuition after a long career are incredibly valuable.

Why WOULD I give it away for FREE?

The second reason that I would NEVER give this away for free is because the only person that deserves to have it is the person who wants to invest in themselves and their personal and business improvement and increase. It offends me that people think that someone who has worked for years and years to develop a high value skillset or knowledge should just GIVE it to them. It goes against the whole principle of value. This is what is wrong with the country today. Everybody thinks that they deserve something for free. You don't.

Lastly, you only pay attention to what you pay for. I have learned through the years that I casually read smart people's emails and communications. But when I start paying them, I pay attention more closely. And often learn something that I didn't know.

If your first inclination is to want something for free... then this newsletter is not going to be the right fit for you. Bernie Sanders is apparently giving away lots of free stuff. Maybe his newsletter is more a fit.

Now... all that said. I do also know that you probably don't REALLY know who I am. I have deliberately stayed off the radar in this world and know that you might feel that there is a risk involved with subscribing to this newsletter. And traditionally newsletters and subscriptions are HARDER to sell than one off products. That's the reason there are so many Free + Shipping offers in the market right now with continuity as the upsell. I should know, we run them for several of our boutique agency clients.

But I don't wanna write a book. Yet. Maybe someday as this writing bug takes hold. But in the meantime, I have to get you over the hurdle and coerce you into reaching into your back pocket... pulling out the wallet... and getting out the amex... and typing in those digits.

So... for a limited time...
I'm Willing to BRIBE You to Get Started Today!
When you subscribe to The Infinite ROI Marketing Letter™ today...

I 'm going to also send you a full 2 day workshop training that I did on CLARITY in Business that I recently taught at a live event in 2019. One of the things that I have observed, even in seven figure businesses is that often the owner doesn't have CLARITY on the principles of the business.

We went deep into the 9 areas that you need to get clear on for your business.

Here are the 9:
Message, Market & Offer - You need clarity on exactly WHO you are selling to... Your Market. What you are going to do for them... Your Offer. And the language that will attract ideal clients to you... Your Message.

We go deep into exercises to help you define the perfect market, create a super hot offer that is impossible for the right prospect to ignore and the message that you can shot from the mountaintops that repels the losers and attracts those ideal clients that you want to serve. There are a lot of elements of CULT Building involved in this so beware. Use this for good only.

Goal, Model & Plan - What is the GOAL of your business? Are you trying to build a lifestyle business or a SCALE type business? DO you know how to operate and what is involved in the first 5 years of both? You have to define your GOAL... so that you can then PICK a MODEL that will serve that goal. We go over many business models based on your proclivities and preferences. Lastly, after you have your GOAL in place and understand what MODEL you will be using... It is important to create your PLAN. Figure out the non-negotiables... and also ignore most of what is out there that is now irrelevant to you.

KPI's, Skills & Roles - You need to know the numbers you should be tracking based on the work above. What are the relevant KPI's for each of the Business Models above? Once you know what to track, then you need to identify SKILL GAPS that you need to either attain through your personal study or through hiring... Some SKILLS are smart to hire out... Others you should LEARN YOURSELF. Depending on the model. Lastly is the ROLES you need to fill in your company based on your GOALS, Model and Plan. Along with the skill gaps that need to be filled first.

Several people after this event... It was small... Clients Only... 12 in attendance... Held in my office in Newport Beach California... One client came all the way from Australia to attend...

Several people after the event said that this was the best workshop they had ever attended... And in many cases their businesses were simplified based on decisions they had never formally thought through and gotten CLARITY on.

This whole workshop recording is YOURS if you...

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7 Figure Clarity Worksop
The Clients Everyday 7 Figure Clarity business workshop in Newport Beach this summer was 2 full days of me working in the trenches with business owners to get CLARITY on the 9 projects in their business that allow them to create a stable 7 figure business that both serves you and your clients at the highest level.
  • MESSAGE: Your Million Dollar Message
  • MARKET: Narrowing to find the perfect Market
  • OFFER: Hot Front End Offer that Sells Easily
  • GOAL: What is the GOAL you're after with the biz
  • MODEL: Which MODEL best serves that GOAL
  • PLAN: Creating A Plan to Get there
  • KPI's: What should I be tracking? D/W/M
  • SKILLS: What are my SKILL GAPS
  • ROLES: What are the KEY ROLES for a company like mine?
Infinite ROI Marketing Letter™
The Infinite ROI Marketing Letter™ is the only marketing letter of its kind being written by a veteran marketer with over 20 years experience selling both online and offline. You will get insights, opinions, tactics and insider knowledge from the proprietor of several 7 figure information businesses online.
  • Traffic: The latest tactics on multiple platforms... Where to go to find the gold today.
  • Conversion: Advanced and deceptively simple conversion strategies we've employed for ourselves and our 7, 8 & 9 figure clients
  • Marketing Ideas: Each month I will give out a million dollar idea that has huge upside potential that he doesn't have time to pursue
  • Opinion: Honest unvarnished opinions and observations about the marketing landscape
  • Crazy Stuff: Businesses I have run. Products I have sold. Breakdowns of the marketing and conversion processes. Insider over the shoulder information - never shared before!
  • So Much More... I don't even know what I might end up sharing in this thing. If you've ever wondered if there are "marketing secrets"...
There's no upsells... downsells or other things to buy after this page. This is it.
Kevin W. Hutto
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